On line

I am most perturbed to find a message sent from Jul at 2pm, or 1am NZ time. Surely, way past any normal mortal’s bedtime?
Mama and I have just had argument about the prickly rose. During it, the issue of the festering balsam in the front garden came up. That led to a heated discussion about the hebe by the kitchen door. A cardboard box left untidily on the lawn was brought up, as was a hole in the wall I haven’t yet got round to filling in.
I’ve just made coffee and slipped upstairs to take a look at the cricket. England seem to be winning.
The car is off, is it, Jul? Where are you now? If you’re still in Auckland, you should take a look at the bamboo place. It’s called The Bamboo Specialist Nursery, John and Pauline Issachsen, at 833, West Coast Road, Oratia, Auckland 7.
Not much identification on the negatives, apart from the APS. I may just take pot luck on a few more.