liv. look biscuit brain i don’t have the luxury of time to do my posts, sometimes i have to do them in installments. usally i write “to be continued” but this time i forgot. OK?!

tan: i think it is midnight, but don’t plan on coming and collecting me, as things may change.

dod+mama: still in auckland but heading of to coromendal tomorrow. as to the late posting times well it is impossible to sleep in the hellhole i am staying in unless i am very tired. there is a develish air conditioning machine which oporates in my concrete cell 24 hours a day and creats the most irritating noise possible. and then there is the moron next door who thinks it is fun to go to the bloody toilet fifteen times every night slamming his door which is only slightly less loud then small nuclear explosion. and then the godrotting freaks in my dorm want to get up at three in the morning to catch there flight back stupid land. nnnnngh!!! needles to say my left eye is starting water and twitch like crazy and inapropriate momants and i am starting to grow more grey hairs. a pox on auckland, by god! i hate it, and will be glad when we quit it tomorrow.
also dod you should be able to deduce which film is which utilising simple deduction. as some have 24 some 27 some 25 also they are numbered diferntly. 01 or 1 or 1A. childs play, treat it like a puzzle.