Yay ok boglar, check it out with the pharmacy and see what he saya. The doc here seemed to this that doxy was less than useless and should be chucked away forthwith!!!!

I’m all for giving it up as i don’t remember getting bitten really after cochin in india!!!! Espercially if it stops these pesky lumps. On the other hand, we only have 10-15 days left of them to take, so might be an idear to finish the tocic course and then get better!!!! Swellings all on legs and but at the mo. One tiny one on my cheeck has gone. am taking Neoclarityn given by Yi-Jing, so that seems to be stopping it getting bad.
Let me know what you think. Geoff can charge his mini disk and i can’t charg the phone, so it must be the charger or the phone. I will swap with jul.

Jul: that sounds fine to me. I will send you a list of things to do and things not to do and where to stay, eat ect as without a guide you will be grabbed by the first con artist and relieved of your last dollars!!!!

1st thing is, the taxi from the airport should cost 60 baht.( one pound is about 67 baht) top are cheaper off kohsan rd and much more later!!!

Cheers T