twitching eyes

Malta hey… nice. What are these fabled sledge tracks?

jul: Spooks is a MI5/6 program. second series. I vaguely remember the 1st so I guess you must have watched it too.

Biscu, this doxy stuff sounds a bit hellish. Methinks I’ll stear clear of malaria-infested hellhole if I go trvelling…

Had my first exam yesterday. Only 1.5hrs, went ok.

Oh and I saw Matrix 2 the other day. I thought it was good, but everybody except for chis hated it. Throuble is, they went in to the film expecting to hate it and generally with a nitpicking attitude. Thus preventing them from suspending disbelief, which solid will tell you, if the key to enjoying any film. Personally, I thought it was fairly good, but should have been more of a standalone film. And I didn’t like the preachy bit in the cavern. and the rest of the preachy stuff. also, who switched the matrix back on? Didn’t neo turn it off at the end of the last one?

jul, why is your eye twitching?