wow! i want that bed! i like the floor space a lot.

i think i will do plan A or C depending on how close i am to auckland. and i can always do plan E when i like. as to avalablility, i have the flight to bali already booked don’t i so it should not be a problem.
we spent a healthgiving four hours in the hot spa place yesterday, lurching from one hot pool to a slightly hotter one and so forth. most relaxing. but disterbingly as i left the place my heart seemed to take an odd turn. it was as if i had injected four pints of adreneline into it then competed in a triathelon. my heart rate was about 155 bpm or so. it felt very odd strolling down the street, breathing normaly and my chest pounding as my heart went hell for leather. mildly worried as i had fogoten to take my silver ankh off and ofcourse it had turned dark black by the sulfer, and of course this was a bad omen as the ankh is my source of power. oh well i seem to be alright now. though my ankh refuses to polish…

unfortunatly i haven’t done anything insanly dangerous latly so i cannot regail you.