Snow in Mayrhofen

Well, I had an excellent time snowboarding/skiing in Mayrhofen last week.

It all looked a bit warm when we arrived (about 12 °C) but we woke up on Tuesday morning to a village blanketed with several inches of snow and it didn’t stop snowing for the whole week and often went as low as -10 °C in the evenings. This made for excellent snow conditions, but poor visibility.

I sampled plenty of local foodstuffs including Schnitzel, Schnapps, Strudle and plenty of “Grillwurst mit pommes”.

I improved my skiing somewhat with a day and a half on some decent skiis. Weight forward and hips into the slope and all that. Pretty sure I looked rather like a pro;-)

The poor visibility meant that I didn’t take many photos:


On Thursday we got above some of the clouds and saw some sun.


Me and Chris


At the end of 6 1/2 days skiing, it was still snowing!

Solidus, that aloe drink looks pretty foul. How is Hotel Dusk: Room 314?