hampi. an impressive vista


some sort of bizzare festival going on whilst we were in hampi. it involved a lot of people with knives dancing and chanting around a semi-comatosed guru with a shrine on his head. he staggered about the main street in a daze, supported by his acoylites who followed him where ever he went like hands on a uija board glass. this chap with the lime on his sword was one of his guards.


lucy in a tuk tuk


a lush pomigranite.


me and an elephant at the maharaja’s palace in mysore


some holy cows


all cars and lorries had this message on the back. the horn is used primarily instead of signel lights.


the finest beverage known to man! this kept me alive during my illness in singapore. luch peach flavoured aloe vera juice with lumps of succulent aloe plant in it. mmm-mm

feel free to send me the tesco sim! its better than nothing that i have at the moment. looks like i would have to get a new sim in every country i go to so that would be a bit of a bind.