so, ko lanta seems rather nice and we may stay here for a week or somthing. we have vague plans to go to the full moon party on ko panghan and then head to cambodia. the other day Carson turned up out of the blue and a dutch couple we had met in melaka turned up as well! our reunion was merry. yesterday we hired a bunch of bikes and went in search of a hidden secluded beach. after a few mishaps: lucy drove into a fence before we even started, no harm done apart from wrecking the guesthose fence. trying to take a short cut we got lost in a jungle, got scraped to shreds and Carson had a tussle with a spider as big as a plate. we eventually found an idylic beach in the middle of nowhere populated by a wierd old naked guy who kept himself to himself thankfully. on the beach was a wreck of sticks where someone had tried to build a shelter, Tom (the dutch guy) Carson and i decided to rebuild it, to make a hut. we salvaged rope and bamboo, and had to sneak into a bull’s field to harvest palm leaves. the results speak for themselves:


cosy interia

Carson doing something dodgy

Carson and i then fashioned spears from bamboo in the true survivor spirit and went fishing. we had little spear making stuff, so carson sharpened his with a pair of scissors and i had to painstakingly sharpen mine with a bit of correl. finished, our respective spears were pure art. i took to the rocks and him to the sea. i failed to see anything larger than a minnow and carson saw quite a few but broke his spear. today we are going back better equiped. we may have a bonfire and im buying a snorkle to better take on the fish. this is as close to being “the beach” as one could really want.

the cameron highlands.

KL. our table was a murcurial flow of wit and social sophisticated.