memories of Ko Lanta

a few pictures of ko lanta.

fire poi on the beach, gets a bit boring after a while 🙂

our home away from home, it looks a bit bare, but it had only been running a month.

this chap pi’er was a saint in human form. making as much as he needed to get by he would give the rest to charity, he would make no money on all the stuff he sold us, he set up a cinema so we could watch dvd’s into the small hours and he tried to teach us tai history. jolly good chap!

another look at that secret beach. not bad.

snorkling was classy. hordes of fish. we all got a tad burned though.

a starfish drifts in the warm crystal waters. its one of the hard body kind which i had not known existed.

a team of entrepid explorers stand victorius after braving the cave of utter darkness on a snorkle related escapade. the cave took us to a secluded beach surounded on all sides by hundred foot walls of rock. t’was used by pirates to to hide their bulging treasure chests, im told.

a sunset, of which there were many.

a trained Padi profesional who has bested the very sea itself! i had to shave my upper lip on acount of the bristles letting air into my mask and thus potentually compramising the mission.

the ants here are large and unfriendly. the spiders are hidious and massive. may they both perish in their eternal struggle for dominance.

fireworks at a party supernova like exploding suns.

will blog from cambodia