Le Truel and Millau

Left with beautiful sparkling sunshine on the river. Only a few drops on the ground under the faithful engin, so possibly no oil leak after all. Getting going in first gear is a challenge, and Geoff seems to need to stop in the middle of a steep hill to check his barings frequently enough to allow Memems storm clour a small airing! However, mr sunshine reigned for the majority of the day!Spectacular scenery along twisty mountain roads, and no meetings with any other wide loads, which was great.  The D200 was beautiful and completely deserted. Stop for lunch in a shady spot. Got a bit twitchy when I discovered Geoff had overlooked a couple of upcoming tunnels on the planned route!! After a little deliberation (Geoff found a camping car site which recommended the route with no mention of tunnels) we opted for a campsite by the river for the night and to leave the route planning until the morrow. Dam building then bed! So far so good! Minor issues such as coffee, washing up liquid, hot chocolate, and wee spillages and stinky cheese oozage  far out numbered by the good stuff! And to cap it all, those pads are secreted away and have not been mentioned! (Well possibly once by Rio, but only in a half hearted sort of way! )

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