‘Huttopia’ is a very pleasant camspite!  Berty got a slot amongst the daisies and we had warm showers all round! I have been using the bottle method up to now, but the others have been making do (very happily) with the odd river splash! The Goozle hound is taking her enforced swim every day, and is smelling less like a manky sock as a result. I can’t say she enjoys them!! We had a leisurely morning with tea, coffee and book reading and feeding a trio of ducks. The three were playing their own complicated version of top trumps, followed by a swim in the pool! Much fun had by all.  We later noticed the ducks swimming in the pool!! We found a nice resting spot by the river, and while I got a few supplies, everyone else with Narla, Simba and Nimba built a dam! We saw a pair of swans nesting on an island (no photo unfortunately). A please tell spot. As you may have noticed we opted for another night here, and off tomorrow! Upon consulting his maps, Geoff found a way round the road block, so we set off early.

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