It rained heavily during the night, and I woke often to the pitter patter on the roof, and it was very cold. Cold enough to bring put doudous slanket! At 6.40 I peered outside and couldn’t quite believe it. Snow!  No wonder I was cold! Everyone else was asleep so the goozle and I went for a quick, cold and drippy walk round the lake! She thoroughly enjoyed the snow! I didn’t have the correct footwear, my shoes having been chosen for their breathable qualities,  so my toes were frozen when we got back! The jumpers came out and everyone had breakfast in a sleeping bag or duvet!! Campervanning in winter must be pretty bleak! Hang on, thats Geoffs plan for the big trip…. we need to research destinations carefully! Hot tea was blissfuL,  and then a twitchy moment when I started Berty. I should not have doubted him,  he started fine (after the usual minute and a half to heat up!) and didn’t get stuck in the mud! Huzzah! Down hill from here, though the snow and mist out into cloud and sun! Amazing scenery change! Geoff surpassed himself with stopping spot this time. The mairie of Gange had omitted to provide this particular aire with toilets, and toilets along this stretch of road are obviously few and very far between. This aire would seem to be the unofficial human poo corner….. in fact, on one of my trip back from the river I surprised a chappy just squatting down happily on the side of the path! He looked mildly sheepish, but being french he grinned, shrugged, pulled up his shorts and headed the other way!!! Despite the less than desirable stopping spot, there was a little path which led to the most beautiful swimming spot! Lovely water shaped rocks and a deep, translucent river. A most enjoyable day! Geoff swam,  I dipped and the three charged around! We loved it so much that after a quick trip to super u ( after a slight mishap involving a low wall and Bertys rear bodywork (I was feeling twitchy and hussled due to a message from our tenants asking if they could remove a fence as it was covered in weeds! I was busy muttering ‘why not do a spot of gardening then’ to myself  and git distracted!) Not too bad, but needed gunging up) we opted to cone back for the night. I tried gunging up the slight scratch on Berty. Needless to say that this was the usual type of gunge. You know, the kind that squeezes out too quickly, sticks everywhere but in the hole and dries as quick as look at it. Sigh…sups  (lentils again!) and a run around by the river and now to bed.

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