Random Cliff Stop

We woke early and hustled the troops out early, hoping to get to a couple of swimming spots. A quick carrefour stop for more strawbs and cheese, and we headed back along the Tarn. After the initial incredulity from the three that this was not a trip from one bouncy castle /slide pool infested campsite to another, interspersed with ice cream as sweety breaks, they have settled down and seem to be enjoying it! Taking the road easy, we stopped for a quick look at the swimming possibilities, parking up under a huge overhanging cliff. Geoff found the perfect spot! Just bellow rocher de champignon ( which is swimming spot number 114 ) we found a delightful spot. Burbling waters lapping the shore,  shallows to play in, enough current to float downstream for a bit. Perfect! What followed was a most relaxing day. The actual wild swimming was rendered less wild be the frequent boat/canoe”s gliding past, but very enjoyable non the less! It goes without saying that the crystal clear water sparkling in the sunshine was bone chillingly cold! Pip enjoyed it less and less, but at least she got to relax in the sun afterwards. Everyone swam (though Memem had a wobbly moment when she spotted an eel slide off into the depths….) Rio and Orlando went for full underwater swimming for some smurf sweets! It was decided that Elodie could go up to her neck. She just about managed it, but on being invited to take a second dip, said ‘i’ve already tried that cold on’. Slightly hairy moment when we tried to cross the river (we had seen a man,his pregnant wife and small child cross, so thought it was totally doable) possibly crocs are not the best thing to cross a river in, or possibly the children were too light, but they could not really stand against the current. Elodie screeched  (this was because her crocs were trying to escape she said) so what with a wobly duo  (Rio was waiting on the bank. Ellegedly for Paps to come back but highly likely waiting to see what happened to the rest of us!) And having to carry the useles’s hound, we aborted the cross over mission! A last swim and to bed. Trying to ignore the overhanging rock face! We had the clever idea of putting the rubbish bag outside which obviously resulted in some expectant creature trying to make off with it in the night. Goozle woofed, I peered out of the window, and it was the work of a moment to send Geoff out into the night to pick up the scraps which had been strewn wide and plentiful!

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