Day 1(yesterday)
well the journey was what may be described as a living hell. me and my fellow sufferers tiwtched away in our cramped torture chairs, unable to strech or recline as cackling morons fed and water us periodicaly, with what i can only asume was stale urine, blocks of sani-meat and partialy chewed grass/pond scum witch had been warmed by someones armpit. gack! when we had that spinich for the second time i was close to retching, but i choked it down nowing i needed my strength i i was to escape. to prevent my limbs from atrofying i preactised the prana bindu techniques and chanted the littany against fear to get me throuigh some of the worst films of my life. horry potter was i think the best out of the selection, but evan that made me want to eat my own eyes. the appaling films were backed up by a screen just slightly smaller than my gameboy screen. i’m not joking it really was.

any way nelson seems nice at first glance, lots of trees and plesantly hot. explored the town(plenty of shops) ate a vile pasty (bse wridden) and choked down a coke witch some lackwit had added vanilla to renerding it undrinkable. entualy after hours of searching i found a supermarket and got some french bread and a block af cheese and some apples for supper. forgot to get butter, oh well who needs it. might nip in later to get some vegemite for brekist later anyways.
the hostel is a short walk from the town centre and is most plessent. the noise of thse cricket things (cikadas?) is non stop and very load. a bit hellish when one whants a bit of shut eye! the other inmates of this place seem nice- havent talked to them much. might go for a jolly old walk up the hills tomorrow. see you anon

Day 2 (today)

gahh? this german (my room mate) seems keen to do a bit of fruit picking, so we have joined forces to find some work. strangley there seems to be none around-something about a slow apple harvest. called about a million people no work. oh well all flesh is as grass. i’m not to bothered.