Sounds like something out of road trip (mayhaps you’ve seen it).Richmond sounds like a cesspool of humanity!
I agree with Johannes (two n’s?) about the ‘helm’ – clearly not necessary;-)
The bamboo place that Dod suggests sounds like a good plan.
When you’re not speeding round the island with a group of germans or chatting to inmates from the asylum, why not write some more epic tale? You probably don’t want to type it out as I know you’ll be paying at least an ingot a minute in the net cafes, so you could always post the pages, or email the gist. I’ll try and write some more during the hols and possibly next term, before I start revising – the royalties from the book will come in handy when I realise that I don’t have a job! (Though I’ve got through to the second round with JPMorgan – a huge investment bank. Thay had fantastic offices in Bournemouth (huge complex with a few shops, cafes and a restuarant) – guarded by hoardes of minions, demanding to see my identification, whereapon I show them my drivers licence and mumble about an interview and they let me by with a few glares!)
Project is nearly done, which is good. And only 2 weeks til I go snowboarding!!!!! yay!
Are you wearing you hat? And is it still leaking?;-)