hail and unto the people.

in answer to your many e-mails on the subject, i don’t do capital letters.

dod how come you and mama are not on some nice biking tour of ireland or something?

i’ll write a bit of the tale at some point. after i have had my full quota of relaxation per day i have remakably little spare time!
jpmorgan sound rather jolly, possibly you have to join the free masons to be aload to work there.
i havn’t seen road trip but i shall put it on my library list. i might go and see the ring tonight, there is a cinema very close by!
i forgot to ware my hat the other day and i burnt like a crisp, so i wear it always now. it hasn’t leaked as yet, but this may have somthing to do with the fact that it has not yet rained.

day ? well i decided on a wim to go to abel tazman national park and do the fabled abel tazman trek. it will take me about 3-4 days to walk the length. the minions at the info centre here are most helpfull. they basicaly organize/book everything for you. i’ve hired a small stove and and i’m heading to the supermarket to get supplies. i am very annoyed that i forgot my knife. i might have to buy another here. also my spoon/fork/knife combo is rediculously inadiquate(sp) i might as well eat my pasta mulch with a toothpick. i might be able to pick up some plastic utensels. so i won’t be able to blog for a few days. feel free to text. though i don’t know if the cabins i am sleeping at have electricity.

right bye then i might blog later tonight if i can be bothered!