haha suckers!
thanks for the letter mama! i just got it from the post office. much apreciated. there are ofcourse better places to eat than mcdonii but they are quite expencive. i think it possibly that it was tahuna beach. there is a massive beach party going on there tonight. and a few of us are going.
i have na had the honey nor the drink! i think i might buy something nice for tonight, what dinna ken.

so i headed into town today to get my buspass thingy. i didn’t have any leaflets so i queued for like 10 minutes got some leaflets and went away to decide. called dod up, dicided on the “magic” buses route. went back to queue, this time for 15 minutes. arrived at the minions place ,started booking. i asked if i could pay with my card. in most shops here they have this device which reads your card, then you input you pin and it sucks the cash out. no signature require. but it seems you need a newzealand account. gack! the pamflet said the pass cost $359, so i leapt to a cahs point a ten minute walk, withdrew a massive fistfull of dollors, the cursed machine refused to give me anything higher than twenties. i could feel people looking at me as i forced the wad of notes into my wallet. i charged back and leapt back into the all too familier queue, frothing slightly at the mouth in annoyance. after a plesent 20 minutes we started to book again. i withdrew my stack of notes and splayed them on the counter with a flourish. “it acctouly costs $395” the man said. “wirbles?” i gibbered pointing at the leaflet. “err… thats wrong” the man said grinning slightly in amusement as he realised that i would have to go back to the cash point. godrotting pest merchants! i fumed as i strode back to the cash point, on the verge of buying the other bus pass (run by a diferent company) though it was more expencive. i decided to stick with magic. i eventualy got the pass, the man took pity on me and let me skip the queue, which was lucky as otherwise i would have been forced to kill someone.

hmm having trouble remembering the last day and a half of abel tazman. i’ll put down as much as i can.

right we got up ate some stuff at set off. this time it was me, eva, ally, franz. the plan was for me to go to the next hut. ally would get a water taxi back to the start from tonga, the first beach we would get to. and eva and franz would head on to the pick up point i would be getting tomorrow. we had a jolly walk nattering as we went. at one point we came to a rope bridge across a casm. classid indiana jones stuff. we exchaned cameras and took photos of each other going across. very cool! come to think of it this may have happened on the second day. getting confused. anyway we dropped ally of at tonga and went on. it seems that this franz guy was a semi famous base player in band called “journeys end” i’m preppared to swear that i’ve heard that name before somplace. but they just play in clubs at the momant, and there album isnt released yet. the hut (i foget its name) is near an area which can only be crossed at low tide. so eva and franz needed to get there at a specific time so they could cross and carry on to the pick up point in totanariu. we only just made it in time. they had to wade with the water reaching there knees. after saying my goodbyes i set of to look for the hut. i slipped back into “beach” mode, almost instantly i was alone and i got a bit lost. eventualy i descovered it (very close to were i had started) and settled in. i read on the beach for a while spraying citranella oil about at intervals of a few minutes. then i went for a swim, very cold and very shallow. at one point i think i saw a ray gliding through the water. i recalled with horror the ones we had seen in kew gardens with rows of spines ready for flesh jabbing. but after a bit of frantick leaping i put some distance between me and it. supper consisted once again of pasta, tuna and a stale bun. yummy! i played sh*thead with the duch couple untill late, much fun. the next morning i had a nutritous breakfast of chocolate and water. the tide would be low at midday so every body had to wait until then to cross. i did a bit more basking in the sun and reading. at around tenish a group of about twenty people could be seen in the distance trying to cross. the entire hut gathered to watch the “entertainment” people with zoom lenses or binoculars gave us running update on the water level. the quips and jokes came thick and fast! the water was still very deep and the fools were carrying massive packs. someone with a massive camera let out a woop. they were up to there necks! how we laughed! a few of us went down to the beach and took some pictures of the strange fenomenon. eventualy these people reached the other side and emidiatly started drying there stuff. this took hours, so they saved exactly no time by crossing early and got wet to boot. me and my fellow hutites left at the correct time, the water leached well bellow our knees. the last leg was fun and not too tireing. i arrived at the pick up beach early so i read for a bit. after a while the aquataxi arrive and we leapt into it. the ride back was pretty classy, we went quite fast, around 40miles an hour, and the driver took as to see a seal colony and some wierd rock formations. the journeys end was univentfull. if i remember more i’ll add it.

right i’m off to get some stuff from the super market, which incedently is called “big fresh” i swaer some of the stuff is totaly engrish. the motto of nelson is “live the day” completly random.