hail unto the people! personaly i would be a bit hot under the collor if i was a begger and i got a bit of mellon rind instead cash. but thats just me. bit unsure of bungy, we visited it on the way here(the first ever commercial bungy site) and it looked oddly enough rather high and unplesant. i think i defenatly will do a spot of white water rafting. not sure about deadly disease, possibly you should avoid inhalation as much as possible.

hmm liv’s bus journy sounded about as fun and restfull as a severed limb, but it is as nothing compared to mine. lets start with the driver. to say we hated him with an allconsuming louthing would be an understatment. i’ll get to why in a mo. i had to get up at the sanity crumbling hour of six, after havin two maybe three minutes sleep, as the bus left at 7.00 about five miles from my hostel. i frantically packed my stuff and sprinted to the pick up point. don’t you just love the way it sais on you ticket that you have to be the ten minutes befor the pickup time but the bus can arrive anything from two to three hours late! luckily this one arrived ten minutes late. i scraped myself to the bus(ofcourse it had parked as far away from me as possible yet still be in the designated pick up area.) and the driver, who shall be refered to as the mantock, leapt out saw my bags and asked did i know that this was a day trip. i professed confusion and he had a look at my ticket, yup sais right there its a day trip. were? i wondered i had not seen it, and the booking minion had not mentioned it. the plan was that i would stay a day and then come back. oh well we have allday to sort it out.the mantock said. which i took to mean that I had all day to sort it out. as i got on the bus i noticed that no one else put stuff in the storage cabin under the bus, they all had daypacks. cack! i said to myself. this really was a day trip. i recalled on the magic bookings map miford sounds had a symbel which meant night stop. madness. getting back to why we hated the driver. now when i spoke to him getting on the bus he had seemed normal. but when he got behind the weel he was like a man possesed. i don’t mean his driving which was fine, but the quantaty and the way he spoke. ok picture this if you will. a normal sentance such as: “the reason kiwis are nearing extiction is becours the europeans brout in new species” now the way he said it was this: “the reason kiwis…… are nearing…… extiction is…… becours the europeans…… brout in new species” not so bad you maythink but these pouses represent anything upto ten seconds! go on count for ten seconds, it is a insanly long time to wait for the next bit of a sentance. and it was imposible to ignore. i was torn between shreiking “spit it out god damn your godrotting soul!” or “nnnnnngshutupshutupshutup!” it was so soal consuming that i didn’t have the strength to reach for my minidisk or gameboy.everyone of us was deranged by lack of sleep, and it is slightly tricky to sleep with the unholy mantock gibbering every half minute like some form of chinese water torture. what really iritated me like sandpaper on the brain was the realisation that he did it on purpose. he actualy thought he was funny with great comic timeing. it sickened me. he kept talking for good hour. no exageration. gave us a brief respite then started to talk again on and of for the next four hours.the senery was allright the best part was going under a mountain through a long tunnle bairly wide enough for a bus, and with no support no lights, just bair rock. we arrived at a place called tofu or somthing after two hours or so. now i had spent the journy in a fit trying to force my brain to make a decision on what to do. i finaly decided to cancel my accomidation in milford and hope i could get some accomidation in queenstown again. we stopped and i leapt for the phones and then realized i couldn’t book a room without a credit card. this is a pain in the nostril becourse i have to make my reservations via a info place and some of them charge you. i sprinted to the info place and asked the register biscuit what to do. she said ring the number on the reseat i had. she didn’t offer to ring for me so back to the phone i went. no one was there. hellsbells! before we got out of the bus the mantock had mad it clear that anyone who was late he would leave here, as he would rather ruin one persons day rather ruin 40 peoples day. rubbish i thought, how can waighting another three minutes ruin your day. any way i was running out of time, so in a frenzy i galavanted back to the info place and demand that the minion get me some accomidation in queenstown, i recond when i got to milford i would go to the hostel and cancel in person. i got some accomidation. the really nice place i had left in the morning somehow was booked up alreaddy so i had to settly for a crappy one. that sorted i had a minute to go to the toilet and get some food as i ofcourse thought i was staying in milford and had brought some dryed food and not much else. i had to give the food a miss, as the mantock was reving the engine as i got out of a pretty bloody discusting toilet. just as we set of a guy called stewet i new slightly charged out of the toilet and we circled back to pick him up. a minute later and we would have left him. milford was an airstrip a house and a dock, thats it. we had a nanosecond to get abourd our bout taking us on a tour of the sounds. no time to go to any hostels for cancelation purposes. the tour was in equal parts dull, interesting, and fun. the high point was seeing a mass of dolphins charging about the boat, much bigger inreal life. very svelt, i got some snaps. incedentaly the mantock said that i could stay after all, most usefull i felt. yup thats about it really. like teaching a dog norwegene, time consuming and pointless. the trip took about 12 hours or so in all. 5 hours there 5 hours back 2 hour tour. oh well we live and lean.
we watched oceon’s eleven on the way back. i recomend removing you eyes before watching this turd. it helps.

well just get the ‘cube on its own then. remember offer end 1st of april

see you