hmm. interesting day. went for a bit of a walk up in the hills above queenstown. very nice. i came to the area with a massive rock cliff about 50 foot high which had been used for rock climbing as it had holes and the acasional piton grafted to the rock. i spent a happy hour or so scaling it. it was quite possibly the most dangerouse thing i have ever done in my life. the hand/foot holds were the width and length of my index finger, and accasionaly there was a perferct hole for my big toe. but the holds were quite far apart. every time i passed a piton i thought how perthetic the people who used them were, straped to the rockface with ropes and wareing a helm and shoes. but of course i was taking an insane risk. if i had fallen i would have definatly broken a limb or my neck no two ways about it. and the walk wasn’t busy so it would have been a long time before i would be found. i tempted fate by thinking about this halfway up! but it was like climbing a tree, there is just no way i’m going to fall. it’s inconcevable. like tigger, i found going down was quite a lot harder than going up, but still managed with only minor scars. any way it was good fun, i recomend it. rest of the walk was univent full, apart from me getting lost. right i think i shall go to dunedin tomorrow.