church of christ.

what in the name of cain is this? gacktar! not something to spring on a chap with a morning head. is this now the blog? if yay, why does it not say the travles of solid and carrote at the top? snackus on a stick, i can bairly see the screen. i don’t know what i was drinking last night, but it was enough to fell a small horse. i have to type with one hand the othwer is holding my head. yesterday was one hell of a interesting day. hmm just logged on to fsmail ten fresh messages, and not one from any of the countless people i have given my e-mail to here. hmm. anyway thanks for the mails and stuff. i could reply to them propally but at the momant i can’t be bothered. i feel i havent slept for a year, i think i need to chill out some place for a while, just recently i have been totally off balance. charging about the place is a bit stressfull. blimey its one o’ clock! i was going to write about my epic misadventure yesterday, but i think i will go and have lunch first. maybe i’ll sit in the park and have a bit of a read and a draw also. noble house is veery interesting. i’ll probably bring it to tailand goeff. that is if i don’t by fifteen other books while i’m here. i was quite close to getting a few books by sherri s. tepper. maybe you can check some reviews for me liv. incedentally have you been taping the next series of 24 as it was on tv when i left.

my mouth, so dry! i need water, fast. before i look like jim carrey in me, myself and irene. i really must sign of now, i’m close to falling asleep at the keybourd. but wait i still have 8 minutes left before they charge me more money. hmm. dod- not sure about kerikeri yet. i still have to get back to nelson. and im not sure i will get there in time for the flight. when do i need to reconfirm/change the flight dates? ack got to go i will blog later.