still in christchurch

i feel most unwell. had quite a plesant lunchings, but but my stomac isn’t at its best. i was stumbling around town earlier when it suddenly occured to me that the flight was in fact only a few days away. i flipped through my calander, and made one of my selebrated random instant decisions. no dice involved. i decided to rescedual to the 10th. that would give me time to relax. it took me several years to find the airnewzealand place, and i walked around christchurch(which is massive) getting lost.

right. were to start…the day i was in duneden i spent the day charging around buying random t-shirts and getting annoyed. i decided quite late in the day to go to christchurch, so i legged it to the i site to get some accomidation there for the day after my rafting trip. on the way i was accosted by this christian chap who had decided that i needed converting. i made the error of communicating to him. the conversation is a blur but i managed to escape after nattering for almost 30 minutes. by which time the i-site was closed. so the next day i leapt on the bus hoping that we would stop of for a break at a town with an i site.(it is very irritating to have to always go to one of these places to book accomidation.) we did stop as it turned out, and i asked a minion to get me some place to stay. this lackwit rung one place then stated catagoricaly that everywere was booked up in the town. she said the only place to go was a camping place. i gritted my teeth and parced across 40 of the crispest for the privalidge. sorted i thought. the bus dropped me and a couple of others of on the side of a random road, were a load of others from stray buses were waiting. they were two english guys called steve and james and an irish guy called phill. very cool people. oooh stomac twinge. i think i will continue this tomorrow. i feel ill, and this computer isn’t making me better. i thyink i will stay in christchurch for one more day. then go to kaykora(sp) for dolphin swimming. i’ll blog later tonight if possible.