well, i took an executive decision and rescedualed my flight out of auckland to kerikeri to the 16th. this will allow me to do a bit of the north island before going to this insanly far away place known as kerikeri. so when i have gone to toupo and rotorua i’ll head back to ouckland and stay in kerikeri till i got to tailand. sorted. i think i have the hang of this decision making malarky. basicaly i do what i like and hang the consecences.

liv: my initial responce to you photos was: MY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING! then i saw the ones with me in it and i calmed down.

finaly got to a place with cd capability so i am sendiong mine.

beard of satan! i can’t seem to upload my pictures. it seems they far too big. some of them are very good. shall i send the cd?

in nelson, it feels like coming home. it is such a nice place. i would not mind living here.
met yuma again at tazman backpackers. i forgot that he is working there to pay for his lodging and has been here for some time. i’ll ring tonight i think at seven if thats alright.
right im of to purchase some swimming trunks. the same ones i bought last time, from the same shop as last time. hells biscu i say!