looking at things squarely.

as tyler brock would say “a pox on thee and your house”

i’m having sirious second thoughts to skydiving. the other activities here look more fun. such as indoor rock climbing, hot spa pools, and turf surfing: were you ride a skatebourd device with large weels down a slope. looks fun. i shall look into such matters.

it is in the booklet, called sunset lodge, and it cleverly doesn’t mention the distance from town facter. i think a swift trip to rotarua is in order, then i probably have to go back to aukland to get my flight.

the die is cast(or jiggled around in a pocket for a bit then tentertavly removed for perusal, so as not to alert members of the public to you insanity by rolling dice on the pavement.)


i love the way thet the spellcheck does not infact work, even a little bit.