aha! i have just booked zorbing. the one known as the wash cycle. apparently you are put in the zorb with a load of water and you slipslide down the hill trieing to stay running. good reports of this. $40=14 quid. not that bad but it probably lasts about 2 seconds. wahoo! rotorua continues to stink to high heavan. they really should sort the plumbing out or something. stayed up to 3 in the morning playing shit head with a kiwi girl called i think, emely. i could be wrong. and a german guy called michel. the reason i name all these people i met is it helps me remember there names. i usally forget the instant they tell me wich is very annoying. its just like in memento.

the free spa is comparible in size to a lunch box.

the die is cast…directly into someones face! it ricochets of the nose and lands on a six. bonus!


julio out.