Cor blimey, there is too much to read here!!!!!! if someone had told me about this i could have contributed soioner you pack o m0orons! also, i could ahve perhaps fopund it on my own if it had been at all visible to the naked eye!!

Whats this i hear about you throwing cash in the general direction of every begger you see??? conserv the cash, not squander it you moron, also desist from purchasing mounds of t shirts and games as they will be much cheaper in thail;and and bali. Do you know nothing????

well, since the last e mail
(oh yes, whats this i hear about the yellow best foot forward??? i presume you are talking about the one i reamarked befor i left, and will expect to find hanging in pride of position in my room wehat i retur homewoartd!!!)

Typing goung badly as am trying to type fats as have loads of thing to say and not much time.

Why is the bunion flying around nz like he had some redy cash inste4ad of walking of training of busing like he should be??????
was zorbing good???

WEll, we are in hoi an at the moment. Hue was the last stop after Ninh binh. Hue was wear we did the dmz (de milatrised zone) tour. Mosr boring for the majority as there was only land marks to see. Effect of agent orange very apparent thpough, and apparently many people still suffering from the effects. The best thing was going into the tunnels were the villagers lived. These are bigger than the army ones and therfore accomodate the westers bloated form ok. Most fun scrambling though the living quarters of around 300 villagers for abour 6 years!!!

On to hoi an, the best place to get suits made apparernt;ly. Geoff is getting on of them made, as much as he hates them, he reckons he would rather pay 20 quide than 100 quide at home. I got a bit over exited and got a skirt and pair of shorts mesured, but stopped short at the suits, having not used the ones i’ve got much!!! G sending his to nz incase he gets a job there. Wondering if i shoul,d get a coat made as it is only 19 squid for a nice fury jacket. we’ll see. Anything any of you guys want???? how about a kimono typew thing for mama????

WEll, when we arrived here on the bus, it looks very french, as all the places ion vietnam do so far, and also very posh. all the tourist look loaded and the hotels are what can only descibed as plush (swimming pools!) needless to say we bypass these and i sit in a cafe while g head of the bargain. He actually enjoys it whilst i cringe away from it. The cheapest room is about 8 dollar, but against all odes he manages to persuade one hotel to give us a room with tv, attached bathroom and fan for 4 dollar a night. Most impressive. Edd and nikki arrive on the same day but end up at a different hotel (7d) and when they hear about ours they scamper on over. demanding a room for 4d (i found this most embarassing as the lady kept giving us reproachful looks).

going to the tailors in a mo to descide how to squander my hard earnt cash. Haveing more fun in the nam now. Peole friendlier in the south, and all the towns are clean and pleasent to walk around. Our idea is to get uys early and wonder round looking at all the sights. edd and nikkis idea is to have a bit of a lie in, head for a bar for a couple o beers, but o shopping a,d the lunch, beer supper and bed (sights don’t get a look in, so we dopn’t go around much together unless they intersperse their buzy schedule with an arranged tour!~!!)

Well, fs mail is the most annoying sight in the world, ans what possesed liv to advise it i will never know. It eaith will not allow you to read your mails, or else just as you finish typing a long mail and try to sent it, it fliks up the message “end of session”! cor blimey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at leats i have worked out how toi use the blog, and am not the only one still writting in the other one!!!
Well, i’m of to read the rest of your amusing entries!!!! What price the watch???
are you doing anything for easter???
are any of you coming out????

See yas all,
Love Tanya

ps save tshirt for me nostriii!!