crazy cool

the zorbing was truly epic! i met an english guy called oddly enough “guy” and an irish dude called kiren on the bus there.when we arrived we descovered that it would be cheaper if we all went down in the same zorb, so we did. the zorb itself is pretty massive 10 foot high maybe. witha six foot inner core which you slither into via a small hatchlike thing. it was quite cramped when we all got in, the guy in charge chucked a couple of gallons of water in with us and sealed the hatch. he yelled for us to move forward so we did, there was a moment of stillness then the world went crazy. the zorb we had was cloady so you couldm’t see out at all, it was impossible to get your bairings. at the start we tried to stay upright but it was impossible. in a few seconds it degenerated intoa mass of sliding limbs and rushing water. it seemjed to go in a rondom directions one momant you were slipping along the bottom in the bilgewater the next you are flying along the back the movement of the ball almost keeping you upright. it seemed to last a long time, and was absolutly hilarious. great fun.

i here tell that you can get around tailand for a month or so for three shiny american dollors so i’n not to worried. but rest assured if i do get low on cash i’ll be going for the lepresy angle as the best cash earner. don’t worry about noble house i will be bringing it with me, and for a nominal fee i might let you read it! bwahahahaha!
going to auckland tomorrow, to get my flight to fruit picking land.

the die is cast.

julio out