wack! many posts. i could continue from were i left off but at the momant its late i have just finnished work and i am not in the mood. some other time perhaps. i have a vast backlog of posts milling around in my brain. much stress. had some slightly odd dreams latly which possibly i shall recount.

working at the kiwi place is patheticaly easy but very dull. the others say it is a million times better than fruit picking. i will do it for a week only. night shifts i think.

dods white water rafting picture captures it perfectly. did you look at a picture online?

thanks for the e-mail mama, ill check my fsmail account later.

tan: i met a guy who has been in thailand for quite a while and he gave me some info on the best places to go. non-tourist areas that are not mentioned in guide books. which should be good. when do you want to meet up? i can happily stay here for three more weeks.

epic photo liv, truly some jump. did you land it?

aarg the strain. i forget that some of you don’t get the text messeges and phone calls. well i will clarify when i get the chance. just don’t expect any posts for a while.