Sounds fine to me bunyip! Get the card sorted quick speed, and don’t take any jip of the money grabbers!!

WQE are in Ko Samet, which is a very nice island. The only draw back is that it is a national park, which essentially meant that they get to charge foreigners 200B to go in!!! Grinding the old teeth a bit, but resigning oursenves to this payment, i was most pleased that geoff found an alternative. When looking for a some way cheaper room than a fiver a night, he stumbled across a pathway that bypasses the pay booth and leads you onto the jolly old beach. Most usefull, we used it today. Our philosophy in cheating the old natives like this is that everything is so expensive here that any thai that comes here on holiday, and there are loads of them, more than westerners, can afford to pay as much as uys surely???? It used to be 20B, but they jacked it up last year, pirates!!\

WE are staying in an english owned place. He used to live in Kendle!!!! He informed us that to get through the pay booth all you had to do was walk past without a bag and look confidently like you had parted with your 200B. I didn’t have the crust to do this so we sneaked round!!! He is obviously no fan of the double standard pricing round here. All major monuments or parks have a standard 200B enrence fee!!

Oh yes, when in chandaburi we met up with an old thei who had been iworking for the british to get rid of the japonese. he was most friendly, and walked round the market with us, purchasing local delicacies at random and giving them to us for a tast (no time for him to slip andy drungs in!) He got most exited at a stall, and ushered us all in. Yum i thought, i fancied a nice bowl of thai soup for brekki. He insisted on getting us the local speciality, and as he was paying, we could hardly refuse. I wished i had. It was still quite early, and i fancied somethiung light and tasty for the old tum. What i was presented with was a bowl of broth with bits in it. Some vegetables (leaves mostly) and an assotment of animals organs andf gibbli!!!!! I mean to say, the poor old tum squirmed uneasily, esspecially when it reaslised that this kind old man was looking at us all expectantly! He was busy descibing the merits of boiled liver, tripe, kidney, what looked like chopped up pigs ear, and a brown jelly type thing which he reverently described as ‘pigs blood’. Not what the poor old tum needed. However, one must always be polite, and i slurped as much as i could down without retching!!! All part of the fun. Mama would have liked it!!!

Well, just let me know when you would like to come over jul. It is no problem, and if you find you want to stay longer, we can always wait for you on one of the manyb handy islands!!! By the way, do you want to see the main palace in Bangkok (the customary 200B to get in .3 squid 50ish) or shal we do the cultural stuff without you???

See you asll soon,

Lova Tanya

Liv, good luch on the old job hunting. Thailand much better than the nam, though i am glad i went there for a looksee. any other interviews?? When are you going home to Gainsford?? Geoff says if no job yet, why not try out the scenic delights of coventry???