i believe i will have my ird number shortly. shane the bloke in charge of the hostel is sorting it out for me.

liv: possibly you should try inserting a few crisp notes into your hand before shaking his.

i’m not to fussed on palaces, tan. so i won’t mind scipping the cultural stuff. the place i am interested in is a colosine electronic store recomended by dave(chap who went to thailand.) were you can pick up top quality imitation goods for little or no money. rock on i say.

yesterday we went fishing again. we went to a private beach that takoya(a nice japanese guy-looks a lot like jacky chan)some how had gained the code to open the gate. it was a nice beach with a shelted lagoon accesable by crossing a river cutting through the beach. the sun was shining a a few of us lolled on the beach wilst the others went out to the rocks to fish. but we had little luck. only three fish. the rest had to be thrown back as they were to small or pregnant. it was very windy outside the lagoon and the sea was very rough, so i think that had somthing to do with it. after a bit it began to get dark so we decided to head back to the van. as we were walking i fell back with annika as she was having trouble walking on the boulders in the dark and i had my head torch.(this is a usefull device, by god. i have used it constentacously) “imagine if that stream is to high to cross” i quipped with my ready wit. “haha” she loughed. “haha” i chortled. we rounded a pile of boulders. and lo, the was no river. it had been swollowed by the tempetues sea which covered all the land between us and the car. it was high tide and we were doomed. “er…were is the river?” i asked gaping like a lackwit. “were are the others?” she enquied. looking around wildly at the sinester darkness i waved the torch around vaugly, cursing the way my petzl torch has no range whatsoever. we waited a few minutes then we saw the others coming along the shore which went of in the oposite direction to the van. “we have a problem.” said christian. after a short debate we decided to try and make the crossing. takoya took point and the rest of us followed in a group so we could use the petzl to see the way. the current was strong and the going slippery, when were up to our thighs takoya called a halt. i waded out to were he stood. “its too dangerous!” he said shaking his head. he had reached the river bed and the water would have been up to our necks if we had entered it. we retreated back to shore. we decided to circle around the bay, though it looked like miles it was our only option. iether that or go back to the beach and light a fire or something. we set of along the shorline every step taking us further away from the van. that morning i had picked up my petzl considered not taking it, then tossing it in the bag “just in case”. good joss! no one else had a torch we would have been pretty screwed. we treked through weird spongy grass which rose above our heads and throud dence forest. “has anyone seen the blair witch project” caroline said grinning. we all loughed nervously, looking about us at the unplesant twisted trees. our goal was a house we had seen in the distance, from the shore. there we planned to ask directions. upon reaching this house, we poused outside the gate. christian and caroline who had clearly seen far to many horror movies, suggested that the owners would A: eat us. B:kill then eat us. C: set there ferocous hounds on us. we decided to wait outside the gate and call, so as not to “startle” the clearly psychotic residents. we yodeled a bit, but there was no answer. the house looked disturbingly like a hillbilly house with a front porch, curtains blowing in the wind that sort of stuff. as we began to supect that the residents had been murdered and a knife wielding maniac was waiting for one of us to go in to investigate, someone apered at a window. “er…hello?” this woman said peering into the darkness. “over here? we shouted “ahh” she said.”come on up.” so we did. this lady was most kind, and after hearing our plight offered to give us all a lift back. we all piled into her car, an amazing construct from the sixtys, and pootled away. as we drove i realised how insanly far we were from the van we were, it would have taken us most of the night to walk there. upon reaching the gate to the beach, it seemed that takoya had forgoten the code. “you will have to go and ask at the farmhouse over there” the lady said looking at me. “ahh” i said. “i don’t think they have a dog.” she said in a light airy way which i disliked. seeing as no one else was leaping out and takoya was still prodding away at the keypad ,trying to get the code by pure chance, i got out,into a puddle, jumped over a few fences tryied to avoide the cowpats and came to the farmhouse. some one was waiting there. “hello!” i called. “4186E!” she called back. thanks i said, and without futher ado went back to the car. after the gate the road was pretty bad, it sounded as though some was going at the bottom of the car with a massive cheese grater. just before we reached the beach, the car conked out, and we had to free weel the rest of the way. it seemed a rock had torn something vital under the car. we gave the lady a lift back to the car and thanking her prefusly went home.


well i have to stop now as i have been online for a long time.

as i suspected.
Sixth Level of Hell – The City of Dis


You approach Satan’s wretched city where you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You will join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this circle of Hell.