well thames is a bit of a pest hole, by god! we were going to go for a jolly walk in the nearby mountain but we descoved that the bus from the hostel, which we had asumed was free turned out to be $25! a pox on this place. so we messed about for a day and are leaving for touranga tomorrow. we were very close to getting the van in whitianga, but the gods were against us so we didn’t. no luck on finding a cheap car for sale in thames so far.
tan+geoff: as to me and newzealand what say you, to this weeze. i get my flight to bankok on the 1st or somthing wnder around for a few days then get my flight to singapore to meet you on the sixth. this is an idea.
dod+mama i will give you a number to ring tomorrow when i get to touranga tomorrow. i don’t think we will go to the silver birch place as it looks about 3 km out of town. i will just have to remember how classy it was. that is indeed what the van looked like unfortunatly we decided not to get it. we rolled the dice and lo, it decided. also after taking it on a test drive it smelled a bit burnt! we will look into the wwoofing angle, don’t worry. you may find buying a car fun dod, we on the other hand find it a miote stresfull. constantly having to make decisions and stuff, its coursing my left eye, which hasn’t been the same since auckland when i stayed in the satanic backpacker known as “ACB”, to twitch like crazy. very annoying. aspecialy when annika looks at me questioningly and and says. “julio, why is your eye twitching?” ofcourse it wasn’t, but it starts as soon as she says this. aaaahg! she finds this funny. i think sleep is the answer.

liv yes indeed it was johanes of the “helm”. what in god’s name is “spooks”?