well all the stuff about touranga is academic now as we have left! we were going to stay around for a while and chack out mt monganui but then we made a sudden biumverate executive decision and took the bus to rotorua. it still stinks here, since my last visit. and the chicken was frankly crap. we are now going to check out the hot spa place for a few hours. aaahhh.

liv: i saw the matrix last night and thought it was rather good. a tad disapointed about the end but exelent stuff all round. i like the way they avoided using guns as the first film had already done that to death. and the way the story has turned. and wack neo is the coolest person EVER!!! wow. the power!

well your plan sounds about right dod. i will change the 18th flight when i get to toupo, then sort it out in my head. maybe there is something to check out near singapore?

my twitching eye connot be a salt deficiency as i have cansumed a vast amount in the last few weeks. it must have been the two megalattes i had in kerikeri. dangerous stuff coffee.